The third in Reuland’s acclaimed Brooklyn series, Represent puts his anti-hero Andrew Giobberti in the uncomfortable position of defending a man he jailed for murder five years earlier. Having quit the DA’s Office, Giobberti finds himself missing the rough-and-tumble world of criminal law when he finds a way to return-through the back door. “Lord Urbane” is a rap star known to the whole world, but to Giobberti he is just Frank Comberbatch, a young thug he put in jail while serving as chief of the Brooklyn Homicide Bureau. Freed on appeal, Comberbatch catches a new murder rap and desperately needs Giobberti’s help. A beautiful woman shows up on Giobberti’s doorstep with a big check as a convincer. Despite the ringing alarms, Giobberti takes the case, which pits him against his former colleagues in what quickly becomes a chase for the truth against a white-hot backdrop of fame, power, wealth, and sex. Alone, out in the cold, Giobberti soon finds he can trust no one-or himself-to do the right thing.


Represent is an unpublished work and is available from the author as a free download.